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Sunglasses For Driving Uk

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How to Choose Safe Sunglasses for Driving. The importance of correct lens selection.

Many drivers do not realise it, but some styles of sunglasses are unsuitable for wear while behind the wheel of a vehicle. Some sunglasses may not allow enough light to enter the eyes, impairing visibility, while others may have a certain lens colour which negatively impacts the spectrum, and contrast, of colours distinguishable for a driver. It includes guidance on frame and lens styles, tint densities, coatings and safety markings. It can be easy to miss hazards that are not directly in view as a result of wearing oversized sunnies, significantly increasing the risk of accidents. As such, choosing the wrong coloured lenses can negatively impact how well a driver can see road signs and traffic lights, and spot potential hazards.

Sunglasses in these hues labelled as safe for driving are the exception – the intensity of the featured lens colour can make a significant difference safety- wise. The best lenses for driving sunglasses are grey and brown because they are colour- neutral, meaning they do not alter how colours appear when worn. Many sunglasses specifically designed for drivers also feature yellow and amber- toned lenses, which can help to enhance contrast and definition. Tint density is rated on a class scale of 0- 4, and is the most important factor for determining how much light is able to reach the wearer’s eyes. Two similar pairs of sunglasses with grey lenses, for example, won’t block the same level of light should they have different density ratings. The table below – sourced from the AA website – explains the uses each density class is suitable for.

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Here you can see that 3- 8% light transmission sunglasses (class 4) should never be worn behind the wheel, while class 0 are only really useful when worn on overcast days, or for night driving. Driving while wearing sunglasses with an incorrect tint density can reduce concentration, or cause drowsiness, increasing the risk of road accidents. The presence of the windscreen can block up to 4.

UV light and delay the speed at which the lenses change colour, meaning drivers could end up driving with unsuitable shades on at any point (i. Fixed tints stay the same colour regardless of the amount of light they are exposed to, and are available in standard, graduated and polarised lens styles. Some drivers prefer graduated lenses, for the bottom of such is a lighter colour, allowing the dashboard to be seen clearly, while the top, darker half works to ensure clarity of vision in bright conditions. Glare can put incredible strain on the eyes and be very distracting.

Sunglasses For Driving Uk

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Many find polarised lenses are ideal for driving in hazy and foggy conditions too, because they enhance and sharpen details. This can be problematic since less light will be transmitted to the eyes, reducing visibility. Additionally, these reflections can be highly irritating – and therefore distracting – for drivers. Anti- reflective coatings offer another benefit too: they repel water and grease, meaning it is easier to keep lenses clean.

This is especially true considering that scratches can make glare problems worse. Click here to learn more about the lens coatings available from Select. Specs. This mark indicates that the shades meet the European Standard BS EN 1.

UV rays. The latter two labels are well known for their unique polarisation technologies. Browse Select. Specs full range of designer sunglasses. Printer Driver Not Found Windows 7.

Night Driving Glasses . But we get many enquiries from customers looking for yellow tinted glasses to use for night driving and it seems that they will use them whatever the experts say, however not all yellow lenses are the same.

Legally in the UK and Europe, lenses with a light transmission of less than 7. According to EN 1. British and European Standard for Sunglasses, Section E. Reduced Light: Sunglare filters with a luminous transmittance of less than 7. This means that all sunglasses classified as UV filter category 0 (8. UV filter category 1 (4. Beware, many yellow lenses transmit much less than 7.

All the products listed in this section have light transmission properties of greater than 7. The carefully selected lens tints also pass the traffic signal recognition tests for the critical driving colours of red, amber and green. Yellow lenses have excellent contrast enhancement and depth perception properties making them especially effective in flat light or overcast conditions helping to increase visibility. For spectacle wearers we also have an extensive range of clip on night driving glasses.

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Deliveries to the Rest of World (i. Anti- reflective (AR) coatings on the back of a lens allow light to pass more freely through it, approximately 9. This helps to reduce eye fatigue in many situations, particularly whilst driving at night. Light that comes from the sides and behind causes additional glare due to reflections off the backs of the lenses, the AR coating also reduces these reflections. However, dazzle and glare from headlights can also be exacerbated by certain eye conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts and myopia.

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