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Konica Minolta Driver Download

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Konica Minolta - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Konica Minolta, Inc. Konica Minolta's Managed Print Service (MPS) is called Optimised Print Services. The company also makes optical devices, including lenses and LCD film; medical and graphic imaging products, such as X- ray image processing systems, colour proofing systems, and X- ray film; photometers, 3- D digitizers, and other sensing products; and textile printers. History. SLR camera service operations were handed over to Sony starting on March 3. Sony has continued development of cameras that are compatible with Minolta autofocus lenses. Originally, in the negotiations, Konica Minolta wanted a cooperation with Sony in camera equipment production rather than a sell- out deal, but Sony vehemently refused, saying that it would either acquire everything or leave everything that had to do with the camera equipment sector of KM.

Subsequently, Konica Minolta withdrew from the photo business on September 3. Three thousand seven hundred employees were laid off. The color film, color paper, photo chemical and digital mini- lab machine divisions have ceased operations. Dai Nippon Printing purchased Konica's Odawara factory, with plans to continue to produce paper under Dai Nippon's brand.

Windows device driver information for KONICA MINOLTA PagePro 1350E. These are drivers for a KONICA MINOLTA PagePro 1350E printer. They are issued with purchase of the. You may install and use the Software on a single computer only for thepurpose of utilize your Konica Minolta Luminance & Color Meter CS-200. Find the Konica Minolta business products support and driver's download information for your country.

CPAC acquired the Konica chemical factory. Konica expanded its business presence and currently sells its products in the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

This package supports the following driver models:KONICA MINOLTA PagePro 1350W. Simplify workflow to cut time and costs with business solutions, software, printers and more from Konica Minolta. Konica Minolta Bizhub163. World's most popular driver download site. Konica Minolta had a line of digital point and shoot cameras to compete in the digital photography market. Their Dimage line (originally styled as Dim

Konica Minolta Driver DownloadKonica Minolta Driver Download

Camera history. Minolta positioned most of its cameras to compete in the amateur market, though it did produce a very high quality MF SLR in the XD- 1. Minolta's last MF SLR cameras were the X3. X7. 00. This range was introduced in 1. Minolta Maxxum 7. Maxxum 9 (de) (1. Ti) and technically advanced 7 (1. The final Minolta 3.

SLR AF cameras were the Maxxum 5. Dynax 4. 0 and 6. China. Digital cameras. Their Dimage line (originally styled as Dim.

These cameras mixed many of the features of a traditional SLR camera with the special abilities of a digital camera. They had a mechanical zoom ring and electronic focus ring on the lens barrel and used an electronic viewfinder (EVF) showing 1. They added many high level features such as a histogram and made the cameras TTL- compatible with Minolta's final generation of flashes for film SLRs. The controls were designed to be used by people familiar with SLR cameras, however the manual zoom auto- focus lens was not interchangeable.

The model 5 had a 1/1. The Dimage 7, later 7i, 7.

Hi and A1 had 5- megapixel sensors for which the same lens provided 2. The later A2 and A2. The Dimage 5 and 7 original models were more sensitive to infrared light than later models, which incorporated more aggressive IR sensor filters, so have become popular for infrared photography. The A1/A2/A2. 00 integrated a sensor- based, piezoelectrically actuated anti- camera- shake system.

Before the closure of the Photo Imaging unit, the Dim. It comes in a stainless steel case, 3x zoom lens with a retractable barrel, and dual Secure Digital and Magic. Gate card slots, the camera has a 1. The RD- 1. 75 was based on the Maxxum/Dynax 5. SLR and used three different .

The RD- 3. 00. 0 used Vectis APS film lenses and again used multiple CCDs. It was not until late 2. Konica) that they launched the Dynax/Maxxum/. The unique feature of this camera is that it features an in- body Anti- Shake system to compensate for camera shake. However, by 2. 00. Canon and Nikon had a whole range of digital SLR cameras and many serious photographers had already switched, thus leading Konica Minolta to withdraw from the market and transfer assets to Sony.

The only two Konica Minolta digital SLRs to reach production before the company's withdrawal were the Dynax/Maxxum 7. D and the Dynax/Maxxum 5.

D (which is an entry- level model that shared the 7. Drivers Toshiba Satellite C650d Windows Xp. D's sensor and Anti- Shake technology). In early 2. 00. 6 Sony announced its Sony . The Sony Alpha 1.

June 6, 2. 00. 6, is generally agreed to have been a Konica Minolta design based on the 5. D with minimal Sony input. The range of 2. 1 Sony lenses announced at that time also included only revisions of earlier Minolta designs, or models which had been in development, rebadged and with minor cosmetic changes. The Sony Alpha range has remained compatible with all Minolta AF system lenses, and most accessories, from 1. In 2. 00. 0 Minolta announced the introduction of Super Sonic Motor (SSM) focusing to a limited number of new lenses. This dispensed with a mechanical drive between camera and lens, but only SLRs made from 1.

Support & Downloads - Business Products. Latest updates on Windows 1. Konica Minolta's Windows 1. Update information such as compatible hardware & software will be announced continuously.

Notification of end of support products. Konica Minolta, Inc.