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Google Chrome News and extension reviews. The Google Chrome web browser was released in 2. Microsoft Windows and soon thereafter for Apple Macintosh and Linux systems as well. It quickly grew to become a popular web browser, depending on market share the most popular or second most popular browser, in the world.

A large part of Chrome’s source code was released as an open source project Chromium which Chrome is still based on up to this day. Google itself makes Chrome available in several different versions. The most used is the stable version of the web browser, but there are also versions released to the beta, dev and canary channel of the browser in addition to releases to the Chromium channel. The more experimental the versions get the higher the chance that you will run into bugs and issues, but you also have access to features that stable users of the Internet browser do not get access to for some time. Google Chrome is generally regarded as a secure, fast and simple web browser, and while that has been changed somewhat with the introduction of the browser’s own extension engine, it is no where near as customizable as the Firefox web browser. You find the list of Chrome articles, reviews, news pieces and tutorials listed below. A good starting point may be our Google Chrome Extensions reviews which you may find useful if you are already running the web browse.

Google Chrome Privacy Whitepaper. This document describes the features in Chrome that communicate with Google, as well. This document also describes the controls available to you regarding how. Chrome. This document does not. Android apps on Chrome. OS if Play Apps. are enabled.

They can be turned off by unchecking . Your IP address and certain cookies are.

What are the Google Maps APIs? What countries do the Google Maps APIs cover? Can I put Google Maps on my site without using the. Chrome OS is an operating system designed by Google that is based on the Linux kernel and uses the Google Chrome web browser as its principal user interface.

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Chrome's Safe Browsing feature issues warnings when you start to download nefarious content. And Google claims to have built the feature in such a way that. It's been an up and down couple of years for Google's Chrome Web browser. When we first did a version of this story in January 2015, Chrome had about 22.65 percent of. Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides are a word processor, a spreadsheet and a presentation program respectively, all part of a free, web-based software. Video tutorial on how to save entire website for offline browsing when you have no internet connectivity Link to poast: Is there a way to download a HTTPS site and all the contents in it for offline viewing? I need to save an educational site to browse offline. It's got videos, links.

If Chrome determines that your typing may. URL data that is normally encrypted, it will not send the typed text. To do this, Chrome sends the URL of the page you're. Google. URLs are sent only for HTTP pages and Google HTTPS pages. URLs are not. included in this 2% sample.

This information helps improve the quality of the suggestion feature, and. Google web searches. This gives you the option to. For example, if your router goes by the. This feature is not controlled by the . The prediction service.

DNS prefetching, TCP and. TLS preconnection, and prerendering of web pages. To turn off network predictions. When synced history is used, the URL of the current page is sent to. Google, as well as the URLs of the pages Chrome predicts you'll visit next. But preloading requests from sites are always. Chrome. Website- initiated preloading is.

For example, if you. Germany, your omnibox searches may go through google. If you already have any cookies from the google.

HTTPS request to. If you do not have any. This page is preloaded in the background and refreshed. Your IP address and cookies, as well as your. New Tab page can be correctly displayed. See the embedded search API for more details. These. suggestions are embedded by Chrome into the New Tab page in a way that does not.

Chrome will help improve. Google information about the sets of. If you're not syncing. Chrome uses. your IP address to identify your country or region. The tapped word is.

Google logging policies, and the surrounding text. Google's index. If you sync your browsing.

URL of the page is also sent and logged, and is used to improve your. Opening this card is considered a regular. Google, so standard logging policies apply. No communication. Google occurs until the card is opened, and no surrounding text is sent. Saying. . Touch to Search can be fully enabled and disabled in the card or in the Chrome.

This. protection helps prevent attackers from tricking you (social engineering) into. Safe Browsing also helps protect you from websites and. Safe Browsing is. Please be aware that if you do disable this feature, Chrome will no longer. We don't recommend turning it off. Data. that's specific to you or the websites you visit is randomized, constructed in a. This data. is used only to improve Safe Browsing protection.

The most recent copy of this list is stored locally on your. Chrome checks the URL of each site you visit or file you download against. If you navigate to a URL that appears on the list, Chrome sends a. URL fingerprint (the first 3. SHA- 2. 56 hash of the URL) to Google.

URL is indeed dangerous. Chrome also sends a partial URL. Google. can protect you if the site is malicious. Google cannot determine the actual URL from. If a website looks suspicious, Chrome sends a subset of likely phishing and. Google, in order to determine whether. From there, you can choose to opt in to reporting security.

Safe Browsing. If you opt in, an incident report will. This information. Safe Browsing. The data is sent to Google over SSL, and it. HTTPS, except the URLs and referrers. It does not include data from sites you visit in Incognito mode.

You can also visit our malware warning test. If you attempt. to download a file on Chrome. Chrome trusts potentially dangerous.

URLs in the whitelist, and it also trusts files downloaded from. Other potentially dangerous file. Chrome sends Google the information needed to. URL of the site or file download, all related. Chrome may then show a warning like the one pictured above.

Once. you've opted in, downloaded files that are suspicious will be sent to Google for. You can change this opt- in setting at. Chrome settings. Google collects standard log information for Safe Browsing requests.

IP address and one or more cookies. After at most two weeks, Safe. Browsing deletes the raw logs, storing only calculated data in an anonymized form. IP addresses or cookies.

Additionally, Safe Browsing. They are, however, tied to the. Safe Browsing requests made from the same device. If such software is detected, Chrome may offer you the. Chrome Cleanup Tool to remove it. To review the data that will be sent, click. This data is protected.

HTTrack Website Copier - Free download and software reviews. Pros. This little gem of a program does exactly what it says on the tin. It is free. There is absolutely NO spyware or malware of any kind associated or installed with this program, in spite of what one reviewer has incorrectly asserted.

Absolutely none. Cons. Lack of documentation for its myriad of settings, so assumes existing knowledge and expertise.

Nothing that can't be overcome though by some judicious googling. But it is free. Summary. Excellent tool for downloading anything from single web pages to complete sites.

Minimum tinkering with settings is necessary, especially if the user doesn't know what they are doing. Reply to this review. Was this review helpful?(0) (0) Pros. It's free. It can be configured to scan as shallow (or deeply) as you like.

It produces standard HTML files you can read with any browser, and does NOT produce files that require having the 'host program' to read them as some do. Files are produced in a logical tree structure just like the site. Cons. The amount of controls may seem daunting to some when you first start it up. However, using the defaults on them is usually sufficient. Summary. This has been one of my favorite programs for many years.

I'm a school teacher, and until recently we had no Internet service at all in our school - and even now, it's quite slow. Being able to capture sites and show them to the kids as local files is very valuable to me.

I make a point to be considerate of the sites we visit though, and limit mirroring connections to 3 or less at a time. If its my own site I'm mirroring, then full speed ahead.. No bells and whistles which I dearly appreciate.

I like basic programs that do what they say and this one fits the bill. I have only downloaded two sites so far and it did show that there were errors but I don't know what the were. As far as I can tell the pertinent information was captured. As far as I'm concerned, that's good enough. After all, it's free! Cons. None that I know of. Reply to this review.

Was this review helpful?(0) (0) Pros. Interface looks okay, and software installs easily. Cons. Never downloaded anything! Tried 3 times, but froze my computer and I had to hard- reset it all 3 times. Freezing starts as soon as I chose the URL to be downloaded and where to have it download on my computer.

I have XP, and I'm not trying again. Reply to this review. Read reply (1)Was this review helpful?(2) (0) Reply by pvandck on June 1. I've installed and run it without problem on eight different computers and on various flavours of Windows, including XP Pro and Home. So in my opinion it rather indicates something amiss with your computer set- up than the program itself.

It's possible your anti- virus program might interfere with it, but I can't see why. Is everything up to date - Windows updates, AV etc.? Download Vob Music Videos here. Pros. HTTrack is very good at finding and following links from the URL that you supply. You are either mistaken, badly informed or something - it's hard to tell. In any event if I were the writer or vendor of HTTrack I would be very upset and ask Cnet to take down your comment because it is simply untrue.

Reply by vesstovessto on June 1. I used it on XP both at work and home, now I use it with win 7 at work and with Win 8 at home.

Neither Symantec, Mc. Afee or AVG alerted me for viruses nor I had/have any indications it is harmfull.

It DOESN'T install additional stuff. Reply by xrochefr on April 2. No, there are no spyware in httrack. However, please always download it from a well- known source, as some places may put adware upon freewares. The safest location to get httrack is the main site, http: //www.