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General Electric Coffee Maker Owner`S Manual

General Electric Coffee Maker Owner`S Manual 10,0/10 14 reviews

Sausage Maker Electric Smokehouse 1. SS Inside & Outside. Please allow a 3 week lead time. Sausage Maker's stainless steel electric smokehouse is shipped by truck. TSM's 1. 00 lb. The inside walls are constructed of durable stainless steel and insulated to make sure the walls of the unit will keep temperatures even and walls will never sag. This model has adjustable stainless steel legs that will hold your smokehouse securely in its chosen location.

A protective stainless steel housing on the side of the smokehouse encloses the thermometer and the thermostat temperature control for your convenience. The electric smokehouse has 5 removable brackets to ensure maximum smoking capabilities. TSM's electric model is impressive in quality compared to its competitors.

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  3. I have enjoyed using this coffee maker. I do understand that one really needs to read the manual first because this model does have some FEATURES that need to be.
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The smoke generator and blower come built into the unit. The blower blows smoke out of the unit until the smoke thickens, then distributes the smoke evenly throughout the unit to impart delicious smoked flavor to your meat.

General Electric Coffee Maker Owner`S Manual

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Our professional stainless steel electric smokehouse comes with a manufacturer warranty and free shipping. We are available to answer any questions you may have about our products. Scroll down to view our TSM electric smokehouse 1.

The proper and efficient operation of this smokehouse rests with you. This appliance is equipped with one control or thermostat and a thermometer located on the upper left hand outside panel. The thermostat control has a range from 5. The ideal temperature when smoking sausage is 1. This can be monitored by checking the thermometer. THE SMOKEHOUSE TEMPERATURE SHOULD NEVER EXCEED 1.


General Electric Coffee Maker Owner`S Manual

If overloaded, the time from start to finish will greatly increase. ONLY OPERATE THIS APPLIANCE AFTER YOU HAVE READ AND UNDERSTAND THESE INSTRUCTIONS. IF YOU HAVE ANY DOUBTS, CONTACT THE MANUFACTURER. Fully open the damper located on the top by turning the lever on the damper stack.

Preheat the smokehouse by turning the thermostat to the 1. While you are waiting for the smokehouse to preheat, dampen the sawdust. Do not soak it or get it too wet or it will create extra moisture that may condense on the inside of the smokehouse. On the other hand, if it is too dry, it may create an open flame which may scorch the meat and/or damage the smokehouse. There are three ways to check if your sawdust has reached the proper dampness: 1. There should be no visible water collecting in the bottom of the sawdust pan, 2.

All of the sawdust should now be a darker color, 3. When you pick up a little more than a pinch of sawdust and squeeze it in your fingers, water should not drip out. Saints Row 2 Mods Ps3 Download.

The amount of sawdust used greatly depends upon individual taste. Using one full pan is a good place to start, but you can use more if you desire a stronger taste.

Set aside for Step 4. After approximately 1.

Open the smokehouse door and carefully place the sawdust pan with the sawdust in it. This will help to keep the sawdust smoldering and create a heavy smudge.) To ignite the sawdust, insert preheated electric charcoal starter at the center of the hole. Close the door, leave the damper open and turn the thermostat to 1. When you see smoke coming from the smokestack (this may take up to 1. Close the smokestack to 1/4 open (repeat Steps 1- 4 if smoke stops).

Raise the temperature every 1- 1 1/1. Hold at this temperature until the internal temperature of the product that you are smoking reaches 1.

Shower with cold water until the internal temperature reaches 1. Refrigerate sausage overnight. Product is now ready to eat or freeze.

Cleaning & Maintenance: Your smokehouse has been designed to give you years of trouble- free service, provided that it is properly maintained. After each use, unplug the smokehouse and allow it to cool. Do not try to clean it while it is still hot. Wipe it down with a good cleaner or detergent. The Sausage Maker, Inc.

Avoid scouring the surface if possible, as this will mar the finish and promote sticking in subsequent uses.

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