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Download Video Tatu All Things She Said

Download Video Tatu All Things She Said 7,8/10 5129 reviews

All the Things She Said. The song was released as the album's lead single on 1. August 2. 00. 2. It was written by Sergio Galoyan, Trevor Horn, Martin Kierszenbaum, Elena Kiper and Valeriy Polienko, while production was by Horn. The song reached number one in several countries around the world, including Australia, Austria, France, New Zealand, Switzerland and the UK. Ivan Shapovalov commissioned the accompanying music video for the single, which shows the group behind a fence in school uniforms, trying to escape. Url Music Download Converter. The music video caused considerable controversy in several nations because it depicted themes of lesbianism. Several organisations protested the video to be banned, while some music stations removed the scene with the girls kissing.

  • Szalka Natalia is a real wild cat. A wild cat with a cat o 'nine tailes.I've always liked this sexy, exotic girl, she's still hotter than ever, a 'mature' adult.
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The song had been performed many times, including on many MTV live shows, along with a megamix with . Russian tabloids believed her removal was based on misbehavior and disrupting other members by stripping, smoking, drinking alcohol and swearing, but Neposedi denied this. Despite knowing each other, both girls did not know they were auditioning.

The name origins from the English word . Shapovalov hired Elena Kiper to co- write and co- produce the music of Taty. Together, they wrote . He eventually settled a deal with a Russian division of Universal Music Group and Interscope Records. Composition. Both Volkova and Katina's vocal range is spread between F4 and D. Erlewine felt the song was a . In the end, it's about people and yourself feeling safe and better together.

Download Video Tatu All Things She Said is your personal secure storage that fetches media files and lets you stream them immediately You can use it to stream video or listen to your music from PC. Marvilous1 I rate this a 10! Anna Tatu is the ultimate perfection in body and performance. She knows how to tease and strip like no other. She also has one fabulou. The song was released as the album's.

It rose to number forty- four and ascended to the top of the charts the following week. It stayed in the charts for fifteen weeks and was certified Silver by the British Phonographic Industry, selling more than 3. The song peaked at number one in several European countries including Austria, Denmark, Germany, Italy and Spain. The song is currently listed on Italy's Best Singles of All Time List at number ninety- one out of 1.

By the end of the year, the song had already reached the number thirty- three position in Switzerland's Year- End chart for 2. The song was in the charts for eleven weeks and was certified Platinum by Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA). It was certified gold by the Recorded Music NZ for shipments of 7,5. This is the group's only single to chart in the US Hot 1. Music video. After twenty seconds of the video, it then cuts to Yulia singing the song, then having both Yulia and Lena sitting behinds the fence. While everyone on the other side of the fence look at both Yulia and Lena with ignorance (or having a lack of emotion), it then cuts to both of them banging and hitting the fence to be let out. When the second chorus engages, it shows both of the girls coming closer together, and eventually near the finishing of the second chorus, they kiss each other.

On the third chorus, it features the girls kissing each other passionately, with the public looking at this with a poker face expression. The bridge then shows the girls sitting down, with seemingly snow falling down, with the girls gently touching it. At the last bit of the chorus, it shows the girls pointing in different directions, until they both walk around corner and shows a place where the sun is breaking out of the clouds; they clasp hands and walk off together into it. The people on the other side of the fence are left in the eerie green light with rain falling steadily on their heads, and shows that they are the ones that are isolated behind the fence.

It was listed on Much. Music's 5. 0 Most Controversial Videos at number four. It was listed on FHM Music TV on their Most Sexy Videos at number five. Virgin Media had listed the song on their most Sexiest Music Videos.! The American magazine FHM ranked the video number thirty on their Sexiest Videos of All Time, saying .

ITV banned the video from its show CD: UK, as producer Tammy Hoyle responded . However, the campaign failed. The BBC denied that they banned the video from its weekly Top of the Pops music show. According to the president of the show, Craig Halket said .

It's like many videos, including the Christina Aguilera video - - it pushes buttons. The All. Music review for 2. Wrong Lane labelled the band as a tawdry gimmick. The video is also a sign of how blurred the line between entertainment and exploitation has become. This led to accusations of the girls being . Julia just had a baby and currently has a girlfriend, and we've both always had boyfriends.

We share a special bond.

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