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Play the free online game Battle City Tank at! Click to play Battle City Tank free game! We have also selected the best free games like Battle City Tank! Official Learn4Good Site: 2-player, 3-player war games online free - Two player tank game, tank battle shooting Flash game. Play AZ online, an addicting online arcade. Play the free online game Battle City at! Click to play Battle City free game! We have also selected the best free games like Battle City! Battle Tanks, free and safe download. Battle Tanks latest version: Tank wars with cartoon-style graphics. OS: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7 Torrent Download: Battle City

Battle City Free Game. Destroy all enemy tanks and defend your base in this free game. Download Free Game Now! Download Android Apps APK, free download apk. One-Click download to android applications on your PC or Smartphone directly. World of Tanks - download the online free to play online multiplayer war tank game now, stay tuned with WoT community. A main battle tank (MBT), also known as a battle tank or universal tank, is a tank that fills the armor-protected direct fire and maneuver role of many modern armies.

Battle Tanks - Download. Battle Tanks is a funny arcade game. It's bright and crazy, and it has cartoon- styled 2. D graphics . Each vehicle has its own performance characteristics and its own weapons. To the point, game locations are stuffed with tons of various weapons- -just pick up and fire! In the current version, several types of missiles and gun ammo are available; also there are MG turrets, troops langing and kamikaze terrorists.

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Download Battle Tank 3 Game

Various upgrades for vehicles are coming soon, including armor and engine mods! Download New Maps For Red Alert 2. And of course, the game has multiplayer! No special server is needed; one player just launches the game in multiplayer mode and chooses the map and maximum number of players- -other players will simply join the game then. In addition, the good old split screen mode will let you and your friend run the crazy duel on the single computer!

Battle City - Tank 3.

Main battle tank - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A main battle tank (MBT), also known as a battle tank or universal tank, is a tank that fills the armor- protected direct fire and maneuver role of many modern armies. Cold war era development of more powerful engines, better suspension systems and lightweight composite armour allowed a tank to have the firepower of a super- heavy tank, armor protection of a heavy tank, and mobility of a light tank all in a package with the weight of a medium tank.

Through the 1. 96. MBT replaced almost all other tanks, leaving only some specialist roles to be filled by lighter designs or other types of armoured fighting vehicles. Today, main battle tanks are considered a key component of modern armies.

They are also often supported by surveillance or ground- attack aircraft. As tank combat evolved, tank design suffered from a number of limitations due largely to engine power and transmission capability. A designer could produce a tank with high maneuverability, armour, or a large gun, but generally not all three at the same time. Combined with inter- war tank theory which stressed high- speed dashes into the rear of the enemy's lines, these limitations led naturally to two classes of tank that continued through much of World War II.

The first prioritised maneuverability, and thus had a limit on weight. These were known variously as cavalry tanks, light tanks, medium tanks, cruiser tanks or even tankettes for the very smallest versions. These tanks had different uses depending on the country's tank doctrine, but were generally used to exploit holes in the enemy lines and run far into the rear areas in self- supporting armoured groups. This would disrupt enemy logistics and command- and- control, as well as delay the movement of reserves to the front. It was believed operations of this sort would undermine or completely destroy the ability for the front- line troops to continue battle. The second class prioritised armour and thus weighed more, limiting maneuverability.

These were known as infantry tanks, heavy tanks, or assault tanks. They were generally designed to assault enemy lines, working in concert with front- line infantry. As these were expected to move forward at the same speed as the men, higher speeds were not required and the engine power could instead be used to carry a much greater load. Infantry tanks featured much larger amounts of armour, heavier guns, and more track area to allow them to cross a shell- riddled battlefield.

As the nature of tank warfare evolved, tanks designed for other specialised roles also saw development. This included dedicated tank destroyers, and engineer tanks such as Hobart's Funnies. Tank destroyers had varied successes, and often ended up engaging enemy infantry instead of their intended targets.

German assault gun armoured vehicles like the Sturmgesch. The battlefield did not bog down like it did in World War I and tended to be much more mobile. This was especially evident in the great sweeping battles in North Africa and the Soviet Union, where armoured forces executed drives of hundreds of miles. In these cases the problems with having two designs became especially evident; the tanks able to go toe- to- toe with the enemy were generally found miles to the rear, trying to catch up. Those able to maintain the drive were lightly armoured, and proved easy prey for enemy anti- tank guns and rifles. In response to this new threat, light tanks were generally consigned to the reconnaisance role, while medium tanks were developed with improved armour, able to defeat anti- tank rifles and most smaller guns while retaining a reasonable level of mobility. As these evolved, the tank's own weapons had to grow larger in order to deal with enemy tanks with the same level of armour.

This evolution led to the development of a more general- purpose medium tank, which dominated combat in the second half of the war. Medium tanks formed the bulk of the tank combat forces. Generally these designs massed about 2. Notable examples include the Soviet T- 3. German Panzer IV, and the US M4 Sherman. The widespread production of these designs led to most others being pushed out of service or into niche roles, often competing on numbers rather than armour.

Universal tank. In Britain, tank development had continued down the parallel development of cruiser tanks and infantry tanks, light tanks having been dropped in favour of other reconnaissance vehicles.

Steel Panthers 2: Modern Battles FULL GAME Steel Panthers Main Battle Tank - Download. Steel Panthers 2: Modern Battles FULL GAME Steel Panthers Main Battle Tank - Download. Online version of the game Steel Panthers Main Battle Tank, which is an updated edition of the famous strategy Steel Panthers 2 of SSI. In addition to the campaigns and scenarios from the original, there are three new scenarios and the onecampaign, and new types of terrain, two new Nations (Paraguay and Uruguay), as well as a number of fixes, balance changes etc.