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Chinese Crack Down On

Chinese Crack Down On 5,7/10 4996 reviews

Chinese public urges government to crack down on dog meat industry. BEIJING: Lian Lian, a three- year- old greyhound, was barely alive when he was found by animal welfare activists in July 2. Rescued from a truck just outside Qinhuangdao in Northern China, he is among almost 1. China each year.“During the treatment process, he almost didn't make it,” said Zhou Yan, Lian Lian’s owner. Though he narrowly escaped being served at the dinner table, others are not so lucky - with tens of thousands of dogs having been killed for their meat during the event over the past few years.

Many were stolen pets still wearing their collars. China’s most prominent example of its dog meat trade is the Yulin Lychee and Dog Meat Festival which takes place every year in June during the summer solstice. It was first launched in 2. A customer (R) selects a puppy in a market in Yulin, south China's Guangxi region.“In 2. Yulin authorities issued an internal directive to all the government officials to stay away from the dog meat restaurants because of domestic condemnation and international protests,” said Dr Peter Li, Humane Society International's China specialist.“We've seen a drastic reduction in the number of dogs slaughtered and the number of dogs consumed.”However, animal welfare groups still hope the government will do more to end the trade, with the Capital Animal Welfare Association lobbying the China Food and Drug Administration to crack down on the industry.“The Food and Drug Administration has the authority to tell the consumer that the source of the meat is unclear or that it’s unhygienic. That’s the first thing,” said Qin Xiaona, founder and director of the Capital Animal Welfare Association.“The second is that it can enforce laws such as asking the traders where the meat came from and whether it’s gone through quarantine. If not, it has the authority to block the meat from sale.”There is growing public support for a crackdown on the industry.

This year, more than 8. Timbiriche 25 Download. Chinese citizens voted online in support of a legislative proposal to ban the dog and cat meat trade, the highest number of votes for any proposal open to the public. Yet despite the numbers, it appears the festival is likely to continue this year.

Japan latest to crack down on reporters. Around 4. 00 people gathered Monday in Hong Kong to protest the dismissal of a veteran editor of the Ming Pao that has triggered concerns about waning press freedoms in the semi- autonomous Chinese territory on May 2, 2. Photo: Vincent Yu, AP)TOKYO . Special Rapporteur David Kaye speaks at a news conference in Tokyo on April 1. This is especially acute in the context of media independence.

Crack meaning, definition, what is crack: to break something so that it does not separate, but very thin lines appear on its. The Coming Chinese Crackup The endgame of communist rule in China has begun, and Xi Jinping’s ruthless measures are only bringing the country closer to a breaking point.

The report concluded that a major obstacle to press freedom in the United States is . Government officials have denied bringing pressure on journalists.

A flower sits at the Freedom Forum Journalists Memorial in Arlington, Va., to mark World Press Freedom Day in this file photo from May 3, 2. But there is no guarantee that future internal affairs ministers won. It is intended to highlight the importance of a free and independent media. The need for quality information has never been so important.

China is cracking down on VPNs, software that allows internet users to access Twitter, Facebook, Gmail and others services blocked in the country. These and other products are among those being seized by Brazilian police in a crackdown on less-than-approved use of the five rings, mascots and other. BEIJING: Lian Lian, a three-year-old greyhound, was barely alive when he was found by animal welfare activists in July 2015. Rescued from a truck just outside.

Chinese Crack Down On

Philippine President-Elect Rodrigo Duterte to Crack Down on Smoking, Drinking, Staying Out Late Reintroduction of death penalty is also among new leader.